5 Things To Know About Water Damage

While water is vital for life, it can also be very damage if it gets in your home. If your home is affected by a flood or leak, there are five things that you should know. 

It Grows Fast

One challenging thing about water damage is that it can grow very fast. Once your home has been flooded, things like carpeting, hardwood floors, and drywall can experience mold growth. While it starts in isolated spots, the mold will quickly grow to much larger regions if it is not treated quickly. 

It Can Be Expensive

Another thing to know about water damage is that it can be very expensive. If the water damage is extensive and mold has started to grow, it could require a more substantial cleanup process and full replacement of many areas of your home. Because of this, a large water damage and mold cleanup process can quickly cost well over $10,000. 

It is Normally Avoidable

While many larger floods are regional events that affect a lot of people, many isolated floods are completely avoidable. Some of the best ways to prevent water damage and flooding is to take the proper precautions. Some of the best ways to do this would be to have a flood control system in your home, continue to upgrade and maintain your windows and roof, and place sandbags around your home if you are concerned about a flood event. 

May be Covered by Insurance

Depending on where you live, the water damage could also be covered by damage. If you live in a flood zone and have national flood insurance, the flood insurance policy should cover it. If you are not required to have flood insurance, the water damage should be covered by your standard home insurance policy. 

It Can be Salvaged 

The fifth thing that you should know about water damage is that many damaged things can be salvaged. If you attend to it soon enough, everything that is damaged could be dried out by using a commercial drying system. Because of this, it is important that you contact someone about it immediately.

If you need water damage cleanup or steam carpet cleaning, contact the team at Mr. Cleanz today.

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