Find Affordable Duct Cleaning in Blue Springs, MO

Whether you've owned your home for decades or just purchased a new property last year, chances are you've never had a duct cleaning. Blue Springs and the entire Kansas City Metro-Area residents no longer have to put off giving their ducts the treatment they deserve. At Mr. Cleanz, we can get the job done in no time. Although it may be something you rarely think about, you rely on your ducts to spread clean air throughout your house. When you don't clean them for an extended period of time, dust and debris build up, which includes things like mildew, smoke, fungi, mites, and mold. Not only can these things create a foul smell in your home, but they can also be dangerous to your health.

3 Different Duct Cleaning Options


  • 8 vents
  • 1 Return
  • 1 Main
  • 1 Access panel sanitizing


  • 15 Vents
  • 3 Returns
  • 1 Main
  • 1 Access panel sanitizing

Whole House
Cleaning Specials

Include :

  • All vents
  • All returns
  • All mains
  • All access panels
  • Basic furnace cleaning
  • Sanitizing all of system
Duct Cleaning Photos

Don't go another day without treating your home to a professional duct cleaning. Blue Springs, MO homeowners and residents of the entire Kansas City Metro-Area can take full advantage of the services offered by Mr. Cleanz. We are located in Blue Springs but we proudly serve property owners throughout Kansas City, Overland Park, KS, Lee's Summit, MO, and the surrounding areas. Any time you hire us to clean your ventilation system, you can rest easy knowing we won't quit until it looks brand new. If you would like to learn more about any of our services, or if you are ready to hire us for a job, give us a call today to speak with a member of the Mr. Cleanz team!